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Welcome to Adhyayana International Public School – TAIPS, the Best CBSE school in Coimbatore

Nestled on a sprawling 4-acre campus, Adhyayana International Public School (TAIPS) stands as the epitome of educational excellence in Coimbatore. Embracing the globally recognized CBSE Curriculum, our institution is dedicated to shaping young minds into future leaders. Explore how our holistic approach ensures every student’s comprehensive growth across all facets of development.

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning

-Jiddu Krishnamurthi


TAIPS, short for Adhyayana International Public School – TAIPS, is an outstanding co-educational institution in Coimbatore that upholds global benchmarks and follows the esteemed CBSE Curriculum.


As the Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors at TAIPS, I am excited and honoured to address you. It is my pleasure to guide this remarkable educational journey.


Located within the administrative boundaries of Vadavalli in Coimbatore, an ancient and culturally diverse city in India, Adhyayana International CBSE School promotes wisdom and creativity to enrich our world.

Our School

Igniting Student Action Through Knowledge


At TAIPS, we believe in laying strong foundations early on. Our Kindergarten program integrates play, art, and social engagement to ease the transition from home to school, ensuring a nurturing start to your child's educational journey.


Our primary education at TAIPS focuses on essential skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Through innovative teaching methods and personalized attention, we prepare students to excel academically and beyond.

High School

In our high school, academic achievement goes hand in hand with holistic development. Students at TAIPS gain a profound understanding of subjects, fostering critical thinking and preparing them for future challenges.

Senior Secondary

At the senior secondary level, TAIPS equips learners with confidence, intelligence, and a proactive mindset. Our goal is to nurture individuals who are ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Residential School

TAIPS offers specialized residential and sports programs aimed at enhancing academic rigor and promoting physical well-being. Students benefit from a comprehensive educational experience that balances mental and physical development.

Sports School

TAIPS offers specialized residential and sports programs aimed at enhancing academic rigor and promoting physical well-being. Students benefit from a comprehensive educational experience that balances mental and physical development.

Meaning of Adhyayana

Adhyayana in Sanskrit means learning or studying. The distinctiveness of this word is that it even goes further and explains what learning exactly means. The word adhyayana is constituted of three components: Adhi + i + ana.

‘Adhi’ means above, over, beyond etc. The next component ‘i’ is a root-sound, which means ‘to go’. The third component ‘ana’ is a nominal suffix, which turns a verbal root into a verbal noun. So, the word adhyayana means, ‘going above or beyond’. Therefore, adhyanana or learning in its true sense means: to go beyond all through which knowledge is acquired and enter into a realm higher than the mind, so that one can come in direct contact with the Light and the Truth. This leads to the attainment of true knowledge.

When it comes to shaping a student’s future for the better, there is no match for a quality education.

Director Message


M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., M.B.A., Ph.D.

It is my pleasure and honor to write to you in my capacity as Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAIPS

Rules and Regulations of TAIPS

Cultivating a passion for learning, igniting a world
of possibilities

Opportunities at TAIPS: Enroll Today

When it comes to shaping a student's future for the better, nothing compares to the power of a quality education.
Now, let's talk about the wonderful opportunities that await you at TAIPS. What sets our workplace apart?
Join the premier CBSE school in Tamil Nadu and be a part of enriching India with top-notch, affordable education. We invite you to become a member of our esteemed TAIPS community, where your achievements become our priority. If you aspire to excel in your professional journey, acquire extensive knowledge, and leave a significant mark in the field of education, there's no better destination than TAIPS.

Enroll Now At Top CBSE School In Coimbatore

Enroll now and become a part of our firm conviction to give equal importance to both academic and athletic achievements. We strongly focus on nurturing well-rounded personalities and adopting innovative approaches to instill ethical values, creating responsible individuals and global citizens. We are thrilled that you are considering TAIPS for your child's educational journey.
At TAIPS, the Adhyayana International Public School, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive syllabus following international educational standards. We offer the CBSE Curriculum to ensure our students receive a well-rounded education.
Join us at TAIPS, where the pursuit of knowledge is brought to life in an engaging and nurturing environment. Let's work hand in hand to unleash the possibilities for a more promising tomorrow!

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Testimonials: Hear From Our Community

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