Beyond Academics

Students are encouraged to explore their talents by looking beyond academics. As academics are not the only criteria in this connected world, to secure a job or excel in business, we aim to open multiple avenues for students to explore their areas of interest through co-curricular activities. Knowledge gain through enhancing the learning skill enrichment activities is the best base platform for being human.

Students at TAIPS will be able to take advantage of a varied and generous range of activities that will all contribute to the notion that challenge, stimulation, and skills enrich individual growth as much as the formal curriculum. Students who find themselves in unfamiliar situations or having to learn new skills, rules, and techniques will be learning those important lessons of success and failure.

Activities are categorized under three headings



ACTION will comprise all sporting activities but will not be exclusive to sports. In addition to being a core component of the formal curriculum, sports and games will be provided to all students, and all will be expected to participate. Whilst enjoyment and competition are essential, so are skills and physical well being.

In addition to basic physical training, TAIPS will offer the usual team sports such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Skating, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Taekwondo, Athletics, Table tennis and gymnastics.

There will also be opportunities to take part in more adventurous activities such as rock climbing and mountaineering under the supervision of skilled and experienced trainers.



CREATIVITY comprises all artistic and performance based activities but also not exclusively. It will also include theatre, music and dance, choirs, debate groups, art and painting workshops. In addition there will also be opportunities for students to learn new languages, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, a range of craft and a range of technology-based pursuits.



SERVICE entails working with and assisting communities within the School, local communities external to the School and occasionally participating in national and international social initiatives so that the student, the School, and the receiving group, all benefit from the experience.

These activities fall into different categories some of which are summarized below:

Firstly, support in the community to schools, hospitals, charities and disadvantaged groups such as children with physical handicaps or learning difficulties and the elderly and infirm;

Secondly, creating community groups with local interests such as fund raising, small building and farming projects;

Thirdly, activities which promote an issue such as environmental awareness or local development;

The Service component will reflect the emphasis which TAIPS places on partnerships with other institutions, and on developing robust and enduring community links. The aim is to both benefit individuals and to help to develop a local awareness of the importance of transfer and exchanges of personnel, ideas and skills.