Education Pattern

Education Pattern @ TAIPS

The school adheres to the curriculum guidelines set by the CBSE Secondary Education,

New Delhi fostering a nurturing learning environment that encourages holistic student development. A continuous and comprehensive evaluation is carried out to assess the students as prescribed by the board. Following our guidance through the CBSE syllabus, students will gain the necessary support to cultivate confidence while having ample chances for mental and physical development.

Academic Framework @ TAIPS

The TAIPS curriculum embraces the Multiple Intelligence approach and Holistic Education, recognizing the unique strengths of every child. It encourages individuals to pursue their aspirations with unwavering optimism, acknowledging diverse abilities and dreams. Apart from fostering aptitudes, the school recognises the needs of every individual – that need to be fostered in him/her, in order to be successful in life. TAIPS places significant emphasis on fostering a wide array of skills like logical reasoning, numerical proficiency, linguistic capabilities, and encouraging critical, creative, innovative, and varied thinking among all students, regardless of their individual talents.


Welcome to our TAIPS educational environment, where self-active development takes centre stage – welcome to our TAIPS Kindergarten! Here, we believe in fostering self-actualisation through a thoughtful blend of gifts, engaging activities, and social and cultural experiences, with a special emphasis on the power of play.


In our Kindergarten, play is not just a pastime; it’s a gateway to socialisation and the imitation of essential adult social and economic activities. Under the nurturing guidance of our dedicated teachers, children seamlessly transition into the larger world of group life, all while experiencing the joy of learning.


Our Early Childhood program is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for students, encompassing pre-reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and crucial social skills. We recognise the importance of developing independence and language skills to achieve academic and social success. As students embark on their educational journey, they are not just taught; they are challenged to apply their basic skills to solve real-world problems.


At the heart of our approach is the encouragement of regular interaction among students, promoting both oral and written communication skills. Through these practices, students not only demonstrate their knowledge but also cultivate the abilities necessary for a seamless transition into our Middle School program.

Join us on this exciting educational adventure, where each child’s unique potential is recognised and nurtured, preparing them for a successful journey through school and beyond.

TAIPS –Primary school academic programme

At TAIPS, we are committed to preserving the innate curiosity that defines Early Childhood throughout our Primary Years Programme. Our Primary School curriculum is designed to not only maintain this curiosity but also to foster inquiry and exploration, cultivating a rich foundation for lifelong learning.


Primary school academic programme is built up on the 5i model of instruction, which structures the learning process into five phases: Inception, Ideation, Inculcation, Inscription and Inquisition. A students cycle through these phases, they explained novel questions and examples, applying their developing knowledge and skills, and receive feedback on their learning. In this dynamic program, we prioritise the development of essential skills such as Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving, Observation, Measurement, and the proficient use of Information and Communication Technology. Our goal is to empower children with the competencies they need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Within our Primary School, we create an exciting and creative learning environment that encourages an interdisciplinary appreciation of Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies as individual subjects. We believe that a holistic approach to education enhances the overall learning experience and prepares students for a well-rounded future.

Our comprehensive range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities serves as a platform to instil confidence and discipline in our students. We understand the importance of developing effective communication skills, and our focus on this aspect not only helps students express themselves but also nurtures pragmatic skills that are essential in their educational journey and beyond.

TAIPS – Middle School academic programme

Our Middle school academic Programme is thoughtfully structured to cater the diverse intellectual and developmental needs of students. With a focus on ensuring progression and continuity throughout different learning stages, the program incorporates continuous evaluation and performance review. The overarching goals of the program are centered around cultivating essential skills such as writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, and public speaking. We are committed to fostering initiative among students and igniting a genuine desire for knowledge acquisition. Academic subjects covered encompass English, Hindi/French/Tamil, Mathematics, Information Technology, Science, and Social Science. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on research-based projects, presentations, and group activities, providing students with a dynamic and collaborative learning experience. At TAIPS, we not only prioritise academic excellence but also strive to instil a passion for learning and the development of crucial skills for a successful future.

TAIPS – Secondary/Senior secondary academic programme

Graduates of our Secondary Education Programs play a pivotal role in guiding young and confident minds to realize their full potential in alignment with the school’s guiding principles. We ensure that students are well-prepared to acquire both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of knowledge in core subjects. Our courses are meticulously designed to cater the academic, personal, and cultural needs of our students, equipping them for the challenges that lie ahead. Simultaneously, we prioritise creating an enjoyable learning environment that serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. While students adhere to the subjects prescribed by the Science and Economics stream per CBSE norms, our approach tailors these subjects to meet global demands and the requirements of various competitive examinations. TAIPS is dedicated to supporting the growth of young, confident adults, fostering an environment where they can thrive in line with our mission.


Examination & Evaluation

The Scheme of Examination and Pass criteria for the school level Examination for Grade I to VIII shall be laid down from time to time. They are expected to get a pass mark / eligible grade in all subjects. Assessment of papers-main subject will be in numerical scores while the assessment of additional subjects will be in grades.


The Scheme of Examination of grade X & XII will be as per the pattern of CBSE and their pass criteria is as laid down by the Board. Grade IX & XI Examinations are at school level and promotion criteria is as per the Board Norms. X students are prepared for the EXTERNAL BOARD EXAMINATION.

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