Education Pattern @ TAIPS

Education Pattern @ TAIPS

The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The syllabus aims to provide a stress-free environment for the students to learn and develop their skills. A continuous and comprehensive evaluation is carried out to assess the students as prescribed by the board. CBSE syllabus with our guidance will ensure to develop confident students as they get adequate opportunities to develop mentally and physically.

Academic Framework @ TAIPS

TAIPS curriculum is based on the Multiple Intelligence mode and Holistic Education, which believes that each child is differently endowed and all individuals should follow their dreams with utmost hopes. Apart from fostering aptitudes, the school recognizes the needs of every individual – that need to be fostered in him/her, in order to be successful in life. TAIPS gives due importance to the nurturing of reasoning skills, numerical abilities, linguistic skills, critical, creative, original and divergent thinking in all its students, irrespective of their talents.


The Kindergarten is a special educational environment in which self-active development occurs. The kindergarten’s gifts, occupation and social and cultural activities, especially play, promote self-actualization. By playing, children socialize and imitate adult social and economic activities as they are gradually led into the larger world of group life. The Kindergarten provides a milieu that encourages children to interact with other children under the guidance of a loving teacher. The Early Childhood program provides opportunities for students to learn the prereading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and social skills. Students develop independence and language skills to achieve both academically and socially. Students are challenged to apply the basic skills in solving real-world problems. They are expected to use their oral and written communication skills regularly to demonstrate their knowledge. Students are prepared to transition seamlessly into Middle School program.


TAIPS – Primary School Academic Programme (Grade 1 – 5)

At Primary Level we tied up with Pearson to implement MYPEDIA – which is built upon 5i model of instruction, which structures the learning process into five phases: Inception, Ideation, Inculcation, Inscription and Inquisition. As students cycle through these phases, they explore novel questions and examples, apply their developing knowledge and skills, and receive feedback on their learning. The 5i model is based on the renowned BSCS 5E model, an instructional model based on educational theory and supported by empirical research.

With Pearson MYPEDIA, we integrate all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed and scientific manner, in order to develop a deep understanding of concepts and their applications through experiential learning.

At the heart of the MyPedia programme are chapter plans that bring together the coursebook, application book, digital content and skill-based assessment.

Language: Hindi and Tamil are compulsory and treated as second languages.


TAIPS – High School Academic Program (Grade 6 -10)

The School follows the Internationally recognized CBSE – Syllabus and provides curriculum of learning as recommended by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in accordance to the norms of CBSE from Grade VI to Grade X.


Language: Hindi and Tamil are compulsory and treated as second languages till grade 8. Option of FRENCH is available for Grade 9 and 10.