Drug Abuse Awareness Program

📢🏫 Today(25-07-2023), our school took a significant step in promoting a healthier and safer learning environment! We conducted a Drug Abuse Awareness Program for our Grade 8-11 students, aimed at equipping them with vital knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about substance use. 💪🚫

🌟 Ravi Prakash from The Compass Act Foundation and social worker Murali krishnan engaged the students in interactive sessions, discussions, and activities, making sure the message resonated with them effectively. The program covered topics such as the risks and consequences of drug abuse, peer pressure management, healthy coping skills, and available support resources. 🤝

🧠 Knowledge is power, and our young learners are now better equipped to recognize the warning signs of drug abuse, both in themselves and their peers. By fostering open communication and empathy, we are building a stronger, drug-free community within our school. ❤️

🤝📣 Let’s continue working together to create a supportive environment where our students can thrive and make positive choices for a brighter future. Say NO to drugs, and YES to a healthier, happier life! 🌟💚