Book Free Day

Celebrating Book Free Day at The Adhyayana International Public School ! 🌟🎉📚

05-08-2023 was a day of boundless creativity, fun, and learning as we celebrated Book Free Day at our beloved school! 🏫 Students from grades 1 to 8 came together to showcase their talents and participate in a plethora of exciting competitions.

🎨 The school grounds were adorned with vibrant poo-kolam designs, a beautiful display of artistry and culture. The Science Olympiad challenged our young geniuses to put their knowledge to the test and explore the wonders of science.

🦋🇮🇳 Students embraced their patriotic spirit as they crafted magnificent Tricolour butterflies, symbolizing unity and diversity. And hopping along the lines of joy, the hopscotch competition brought out laughter and camaraderie among our students.

🎭 Our cultural heritage shone through with traditional games like paandi aatam, where students showcased their incredible dancing skills, and the thrilling khokho-bunny jump frog race that kept everyone on their toes!

🏃‍♂️ The hopping race brought out the competitive spirit in our young athletes, while the Speech Competition provided a platform for eloquence and expression.

✂️📜 The Craft Competition displayed the artistic brilliance of our students, and the Recitation of Sanskrit shlokas echoed the beauty of our ancient language.

we witnessed the magic of our students’ talents, creativity, and enthusiasm. We applaud each and every participant for their outstanding efforts and congratulate the winners for their exceptional achievements! 🏆👏

A special thank you to all the teachers, staff, and parents for their unwavering support in making this day a resounding success! 🙌

Let’s continue to nurture a love for learning and creativity in our students, as we believe in the power of education and the wonders it can bring to the world.