Director’s Desk

Our Journey

Driven by a great desire to enter the service space, Dr. C. K. Anandh Krishnan zeroed on the education sector after exploring various opportunities under the guidance of his mother, Mrs. S. Sivagama Sundari. His vision for the school is to become a prominent player in the field of education by creating a model that is sustainable and scalable. His dream is to provide world-class education with the Indian culture at its core.


The growth of TAIPS, Coimbatore is given for your reference to understand the development and rapid growth of the school in terms of admissions right from 2014 onwards. WE BELIEVE IN OUR PARENT COMMUNITY.

Dear Parents and Students,

It is an honor to write to you in my capacity as Founding Chairman of TAIPS.

Having been involved in international education and aptitude training for over five years, I have personally analyzed and experienced the values that will form the bedrock of what promises to become a leading international institution.


TAIPS is founded on the belief that its students should know the purpose of their education. We strongly believe that this will be possible by creating an educational environment that is liberal, broad-minded and compassionate; where trust and honesty lay as the foundation of all relationships within the school and between the students and their learning environment.


Our approach to learning will place equal emphasis on striving for academic excellence and active participation in a myriad of co-curricular activities. We try to incorporate wherever possible the principle of ‘learning through doing’. As a result, the students will be initiated into personal research from the foundation years at the school.


Parents’ natural concern on the educational track record on which the success of a school is judged is much understood. Hence at TAIPS, we have overcome this problem with individuals who have expertise in international education and know-how to mold a child’s personality. All senior members of faculty at TAIPS have considerable experience in teaching the various academic programs we intend to deliver. Further, a rigorous professional development program will supplement their experience to ensure that our teachers remain at the cutting edge of teaching.


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as we develop our school to bring an international education experience in Coimbatore.



M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., M.B.A., Ph.D.