Academic Tie-ups

Academic Tie-ups

With the advancement of technology, traditional methods of learning have been overthrown to pave way for digital learning. This method helps the students to retain the information better. Our partnerships with multiple educational technology firms have helped us to deliver lessons in an interesting inspiring manner.

Pearsons Education Mypedia

Pearsons who used to offer analog and print materials such as textbooks, assessments, tests, and qualifications now offer digital products, platforms, and services. They also help prepare for exams such as the JEE and have professional programs for the students to explore on requests.


Extramarks helps in preparing the students for exams required by the universities abroad for career enrichment. Apart from that, regular classes and tests can also be accessed by the students on this platform.

Byju’s learning platform

This app provides innovative learning methods for students at School. Teachers and parents can access this app helping them to keep track of what the students are learning. Quizzes are conducted periodically to increase the depth of subject knowledge.


GAP is focused on creating, enhancing and sustaining the awareness level of students on current events of significance happening around the world. This program is available for students only through the school’s subscription. It is not available for an individual subscription. Students can make use of this unique opportunity to increase their general knowledge of the basement for all professions.


With artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation entering the mainstream workforce, opportunities in these areas are also increasing. To provide a head start for the students, we have partnered with Arcomm who provides hands-on knowledge on emerging software and technology trends. This will provide an edge over other students while entering college and later the workforce.

Math Buddy

Math Buddy helps the students to understand math by providing interactive virtual activities. The students learn math concepts through everyday applications. Thus enabling them to understand and retain the information better.

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